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News Update - Geoff is meeting the ecologist engaged by ExA on site next week to establish the viability of pursuing an appeal against the planning decision. There will be an update after that. We need to emphasise the need for more emails to go to the councillors in order to stage an appeal.

Site Situation Ė

A at the moment the Ranch cannot be used, the ecologists at Wiltshire Council have decided the potential for damage to the flora and fauna renders the area unusable for combat games, they are unable to tell us how things might be changed to enable us to use the site. Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to use the Ranch but itís just not possible at the moment, the site at Purton is a shared site and therefore it is not possible to plan very far in front.

So what to do ? -

Well we have 430 registered players plus another 200 or so who are not yet old enough to be registered, thatís a lot of people who enjoy using the Ranch ( Flaxlands Wood Farm officially ) and if everyone contacted the local councillor and planners we might be able to exert enough pressure to get things changed.

The councillor is Ė Mollie Groom, email mollie.groom@wiltshire.gov.uk

The planner simon.smith@wiltshire.gov.uk

Please Note. If you e-mail these people please use one email address above for the "To" Field and the other in the CC field of your email program. Please also include geoff@confusion48.freeserve.co.uk as a seccond email in the "CC" field for our reccords.

If you were to contact them you need to make sure they know where you live, how much you enjoy playing at the site and ask them to reverse the exclusion decision, you might also mention the lack of any comparable venue locally and that Wiltshire Council has a policy of encouraging leisure activities. If anyone has, or knows of, anywhere where we could set up a new site then let ExA know, if we use it there will be a juicy reward. If you all act together things might get changed.